Monday, January 30, 2012

Afsal is School Captain! Zahira is Deputy School Captain!

Afsal ran for School Captaincy this month! And we are happy to inform all our readers that he has been elected as the School Captain for Jalaluddin School, Kulhuduffushi for 2012!
We are equally happy to announce that our very own Zahira Hassan has also been chosen as Deputy School Captain! We are in no doubt that you both will bring many positive changes to your school. We also believe that this is only the beginning of many great things that you will do for your community and our country. Congratulations, Afsal and Zahira! We are very proud of you!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Hoping Mother...

Dear sir/madam,

You don’t know my name; you don’t know who I am. You don’t know the color of my skin or the faith that I believe in. you don’t know what makes my spirit soar or what causes a smile to break across my face but today I am going to tell you about an incident that had shattered my heart not so long ago.
I am a mother or rather I was one. I carried another soul inside me for 9 months and 9 days. I borne all the burdens that came my way mixed with the absolute joy of creating an unspoiled human being, one who is pure and untouched by the worldly traits we inevitably acquire as we grow up, with eager anticipation. I spent a tedious 14 hours of labor pushing my daughter out in to the world with inexpressible gratification in my heart and then spent a quiet moment in solace shedding a few tears of profound happiness and absolute wonder as I crooned her delicate body to sleep, tucked in my arms. And then I spent uncountable hours where heart wrenching sobs broke out of my body as I buried her young form in the gloomy cemetery one bleak Monday morning.
I am not telling my tale today in search of pity but instead with the deep hope that by telling you the terms of how my daughter came to her death you will be able to prevent it from happening to your own sons, daughters, wives, husbands and loved ones.
The cause for my daughter’s departure from this world can be expressed easily by one single word but the full impact of what this disease did to her body I hard to be fathomed by a few mere sentences.
My young child was inflicted by an illness most commonly known as AIDS or Acquired Immunodeficiency Virus. Even though the majority of us have heard about this disease throughout the course of our lives, only precious few are completely aware of the consequences and the torment that this disease has brought to the lives of more than 33 million people on this planet.
This is a disease that beats down the immune system of the body so that you are in danger of succumbing to the clutched of even the most common disease such as cold or pneumonia which can prove to be fatal for you. You are restricted from living your life to the fullest and is often shunned by the society who fails to understand that you are also a human being with feelings and emotions as they treat you like an unstable bomb which might explode at any moment. This is a disease that inevitably leads to death and threatens the very existence of our species as we speak, for the number of people who are being infected each and every day has already risen up to an astonishing number of 7400. This is also a disease which despite the astounding revolutions in the field if medicine remains without a cure. Our best solution is prevention and for this we need to spread awareness.
There are four main ways where we can be infected by the HIV virus which leads to AIDS but much to my chagrin there only a few number of people who apprehend these facts forcing me to ask what will happen to the rest of the population who remain unaware? Some say ignorance is bliss but I believe in this case insufficient knowledge is going to be the curse which will ultimately lead to the end of our race as we speak.
So my fellow brothers and sisters, today the fate of the world depends on us. Perhaps you might not be able to save our kind single handedly. After all one person cannot do everything but nevertheless if each person does his part I believe in the end it will be enough to ensure that everyone remains enlightened about the steps that can be taken to prevent AIDS from bringing destruction to our lives.
Today I am taking my step forward to creating awareness among people by revealing my story to you with the hope that it will make an impact on your life. Perhaps you will recount this story to your friends and it will eventually spread throughout the far corners of the world to every single person’s ear so that they would realize the importance of creating awareness about AIDS.
Thank you

Yours sincerely
A hoping mother

Written by: Mariyam Maisha Mohamed 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jina is heading to Indonesia!

Our very own Jina is heading to Indonesia on a study tour from 29th January to 5th February! The opportunity was given to her through Maldivian Red Crescent. It's a great opportunity to learn, teach, and grow. And we're very excited for you, Jina! Do let us know about your experience and share! We'll be eagerly waiting!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Afzal runs for School Captaincy!

Our very own Afsal Ahmed is running for the post of School Captain at Jalaaluddin School, H.Dh. Kulhuduffushi! He was noted as a responsible member of YLP, who was punctual, obedient and very considerate of his other fellow YLP participants. He was also one of the participants who grew in confidence and gained charisma throughout the process of YLP. We believe he is a great fit for the post of School Captain!

We hope that this is the beginning of great things from Afsal, and we are very sure of the fact that he will make a great School Captain, and a great leader! Good luck, Afsal!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Have you looked at your past
To discover masts of sunken ships
And wished for another chance
To make it right with all your wits
Have you had your loved ones
And seen them pass away
Remember the days of sheer fun
You hoped they’d forever stay
Have you had great dreams
And seen a future so proven
But in frustration you scream
‘Cause your dreams are broken
Have you ever been so humane
But seen others being so mean
Then you thought they’re insane
For all that they have been
Have you ever cursed this man
For his thoughts aren’t so alike
I see you are truly mundane
You and me, we’re living a life

~Mohamed Hisham

This is also on his blog, so please do visit his blog, heedful thoughts to see what else he has come up with! :) 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh, the memories... by Shahaada Ahmed

Here's a snippet from Shaha's blog that we absolutely fell in love with. Check it out, readers! Also, check out her blog... its a worthwhile read.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I am...

I am the girl staring into the eyes of a small boy. A boy with such life in his eyes, such life and brightness I have seen in no other. Those eyes I stare into as confusion slowly fill them after listening to what I had to ask. I watch as those eyes that, only moments before, were lost and confused suddenly light up and smile. I watch as this little boy's eyes so joyous and carefree look up at me, ten, I hear him happily repear what I had asked him. This is the little boy who's footsteps I used to hear early in the morning. The little boy whose laugh used to fill the house. The little boy who's tantrums and cries took happiness away. This is a boy who is now far away, but is always near, a boy I will see again soon but miss anyway. This is the little boy who lights up my life. I am the girl staring into the eyes of a small boy.

I am the girl hiding safe behind the four walls of my room, sitting with my back against the wall farthest from the door. There, I sit, with my stereo booming as loud as it can, barely hearing a thing. There, I sit, the wall and floor shaking to the beat of the music sending vibrations through my body, barely feeling a thing. There, I sit, behind the safe walls of my room, only hearing my mother's screams as the hands that had once held her close turned into fists that leave behind wounds, that never heal, as the furniture she so carefully picked out crasjes into pieces around her. There, is where I sit and will remain sitting until those hands that had once held me so fear opened a door and destroyed the safety behind those four walls that were my sanctuary only minutes before. I am the girl hiding safe behind the four walls of my room.

I am the woman in need of a way out, rapped in a society where women who don't cover their faces are considered impure, where women are forced into marriages arranged by parents, where women are deprived of the education they deserve and need. Trapped, because of being terrified of the shame my family will go through if I was to leave. In need of a way out of the household run by an abusive husband, a way to escape the names I am called due to accusations of crimes I did not commit. This is the society where men dominate and where any woman brave enough to fight against the crimes committed by men are severely punished. The society in which I stand helpless as women are punished and murdered in the name of justice for crimes equally committed by men. The society so perfect on the outside but drowning in secrets and lies on the inside. I am a woman in need of a way out.

I am the woman who is treated different. Treated different because the color of my skin is not the same as that of the 'real Americans'. Despite trusting me to raise their children, cook their meals wash their clothes, and clean their houses, I am not trusted not to steal their valuables, to use their bathroom or to eat from their plates. All I can do is watch as the children I worked endlessly to raise as their parents. All I can do is nod as my 'real American' employer insults my people, my children, my hygiene, my intelligence and my race. All I can do is hope. Hope that things change, hope and pray for a time when whites and blacks can live together in peace. I am the woman who is treated different.

 ~ Mariyam Zana Naseer